A great lesson for anyone listening


Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action


Apps for Kids

Let’s start coding! See these great iPad apps for kids reviewed by Learn2Earn and have some fun!

Innovation in Libraries

Innovation in Libraries

… “listening” to Brian Mathews’s thoughts

News from TED: launching TED-Ed

TED-Ed launch today will maybe change forever the way we think about education. Teachers on or behind the scenes will get a voice and send their message away in Lessons to be shared.

We only have to stop and watch or listen. Some thoughts might leave forever a fingerprint on our mind setup.

TED talks – Jason Fried: Why work doesn’t happen at work

Are you one of the people who can walk away with their work on the top of their shoulders? Then listen to Jason Fried, he has something to say.

Interesting view on work  and work habits. It applies for a certain type of work and Jason mentions this in the beginning of his talk: it’s about conceptual work, when one’s brain needs processing time to go through all the phases and aspects that result in understanding. Only then one can create, can provide the “M&M’s” (Managers and Meetings) with a new idea, in other words, one gets some work done.

More interesting is the duality artificial/classic working style versus the natural/modern working style (artificial because masses are moving every day at work, concentrating in one point and natural because the resources are used as they are, distributed, nobody moves unless it is needed to get the job done). None of them seems right or wrong, they can be used both depending on the job dynamics and variables: haw fast it needs to be done, how many people are involved in which points of the workflow, context, complexity. But alternating these working styles can be a headache for managers.

The work control habit, the way of thinking about people and their relationship with their work is transforming.  Any idea, vision, solution about that?

…How do you map the degree of responsibility of a person. Do you need really to map it or just check the job done?